If you make your own dolls or are thinking of starting, the following tutorials might help you. Visit one of these sites for great step by step instructions on various aspects of doll making.

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Hair Highlights
The first tutorial teaches you how to make hair highlights (tips) easy! ... specifically for PSP
How To Draw Faces On Qooties
This tutorial teaches you how to draw faces on Qooties. Qooties are a type of base invented by The Dollz Dynasty with a unique face. ... specifically for none
Lil' Princess Dollz
Original dolls for adoption, requests taken, tutorials, clubs, cliques, web design and graphics. So much more. It has all your doll needs
DJ Doll
The Tudor Doll Company
Most of the tutorials are for MS Paint, getting to Know MS Paint, Making gif's transparent in MS paint, etc. WIll grow as time goes on.
Dolls by a WEbPixie
right now i have a tutorial for making bases and diffrent skin tones from one base, and i also offer color pallets to use, i will be adding mroe tutorials as time goes by ... specifically for MS Paint, Irfan View
Ultimate Wing Tut Part 1
The Modern Enigma wing tut part 1. This tut focuses on the style I like to call the bubble wing. For MSPaint.
Ultimate Wing Tut Part 2
Modern Enigma's second wing tut. Also for MsPaint. This is a more elegant style wing. A little more advanced than the first one too.