To meet other doll makers, or see what others say about a problem you might have, simply visit one of the sites below. These links have message boards where you can sign up and post, or Clubs you can sign up for and meet others doing the same thing as you.

Total Links: 11

Cartoon Dolls Yahoo Group
Anything to do with cartoon dolls, including tutorials, dollmakers, link exchange, and html help.
Uniting teen dollmakers worldwide!
Nancy, Frannie, and Nelly
The Devil's Den
My awesome forum. Ask questions, get dollie help, make requests or just chat it up.
Dolls and Celebrities
THis is a community where you can see other peoples photos and lots of other things.
~Gossip Central~
messageboard ... Doll Discussion board also has Handdrawn Doll's Tutorials, Online Help, and many other things ... for all ages
Hole In The Wall
messageboard ... It's a doll and chat board ... for all ages ... sign up with
Kindeal's Spirit- Message Board!!
not provided
Living Dollz Forum
Dolls forum and chat also a links area with doll links,tutorials,PSP help,graphics,website help.Have a question about dollmaking,want to show your dolls or just starting?This is the place to be!
The Realm of Silliness
messageboard ... Make some friends, get some special bases, show off your talent, and most of all.... have a good time and be silly! ... for all ages ...
The Request Castle
messageboard ... It is about filling in requests for all things, meeting new dollers and just hanging out! ... for all ages ... sign up with
Siamese Kitten's Doll House
messageboard ... chatting about cartoon dolls and showing your dolls ... for all ages ...