For those of you who are interested in seeing the talents of other doll makers, choose a link below. These links feature dolls made by the webmasters for your viewing pleasure. Please do not take the dolls without first finding out if the webmaster allows it.

Total Links: 70

Ami's Doll House
formal, fairy, casual, historical
Anam Cara
I have almost every type of doll going, and hoping for more!
Rachel Carlyle
Animate My World
Fantasy, Fairy/Fae, casual, special. All mouse drawn prep size. Both self made and a few adoptions
Aprylls Page
My site doesnt have a whole lot on it right now, but im trying to add stuff. Its purple (my fav color :)) and it has dolls I have made using dollmakers and soon I will add a hand-drawn dolls section. It also has awards and links
The Art of Pixels
Hotties, pikats, divas, preps, palace, torries, silents, tinies and more
Baby Blonde Princess
Has all kinds of dolls from male and female preps to raver and silent! Please sign the guestbook!
Beyond Imagination
My site has fairies,dresses,casual,preps,divas,...everything practically...all of them are completly by me(except some bases are by others)
Blu Rowzez Dolls
Blu Rowzez Dolls contains mostly base edit dolls From casual to formal
Bobbis Dollz
Original and unique hand drawn dolls of every description,Fairies,Goths,Baby Dolls,Animals,Males,Grannies,Females,all one of a kind.All dolls available for adoption,a link required in return.
Brina's Dollhouse
Mostly Preps and Cartoony's
Bubble Dolls
some preps, some divas, but also slims, puppets, chunkeez
Julia Lee
Divas, Preps, Bratts and a few based on my own bases.
The Evil Spider
a place where you can look @ the dollz we made only one of them is not ours!! but the rest are~!
kkand sammy
Cathie's Crazie Creations
I have a large variety of styles and shapes, that continues to grow almost daily.
Crazie Cathie
Contagious Laughter
Regular sized, minis, silents, bratts, divas, and miscellaneous dolls.
Cools Dolls 2
These are prep dolls that I have made. These are holiday Dolls..Mother's Day, 4th of July, Father's Day, and Memorial Day Dolls
Vicki Barnes
Crystal's Dollz
This site has dolls and bases made by Crystal, plus some creations made with other dollmakers bases. Updates will be made to the site once or twice a week. Please stop by today and check it out!
Crystal Ellis
Daisy's Dolls
base edits; faeries; shortly to be adoptionable; xeni; kittiva; contest entries; gifts; divas; dreamer;
DatPixieGirl's Dollz
Chunkeez, Cartoony, Diva, Kao-ani, Manga, Mini, Silent, Sprite,
Deco Dolliez
Xeni, mini, manga, diva, babies, fairys, historical, other.
Dell's Dollz
Divas,paper dolls, hotties, plussies, preps, cissys, buxoms and MORE!!!
Devilish Dolls
Great dolls you can just look at or adopt.
Diana's Realm
Diva and other bases, medieval, fantasy, fashion dolls
DMented lil Dolls
faeries, mermaid, demon, neopets, various fantasy types
Dollie Sister's
Formal,Mermaid's,Tinie's,Casual,Mini's,Fairy's,Diva's,Elf's,Buxom's,Miscellaneous, Contest Doll's,Birth stone Doll's
Dollie sister's
Dolls Baby!
Original hand drawn creations, from bases made by other orginal doll creators.
Miss Ivory
Dolls by Doughgirl
All of my dolls are prep type, I have two mermaid
Dolls by a WebPixie
faeries, fantasy, goth, punk, formal, casual, holiday, more, most dolls are prep size and many use my own bases
Dollz by Lush
I have many different types of dolls up for adoption. My favorite has to be the Not Your Normal Doll Collection. Please read the rules before adopting.
Lorisha aka Lush
Dream in Pixels
goth, faery, medieval, fantasy, scifi, misc.
Madd Witch
Fairy Spirit
You will find Fairies, casual, formal, divas, sprites and minis
Faith's Dolls Showcase
Cartoon dolls and basesmade by Faith.
Freek Show Dollz
Mostly freek and goth dollz...anything of the not-normal.
Gaeriela's Dollz
Showcase of my creations and some of my adopted dolls from other sites. Everything from movie characters, faeries, and medieval dolls...they're all here!!!
GR's Doll Showcase and Requests
Has Dolls i made, And a Few Guests are featured...and i'll do requests
Heavenly Pink
My site has an assortment of drawn dollz,fairies, Guys, Girls all of my large collection of dollz is very unique and quite entertaining.:)Come on click on the link to see my wonderful site!!!
Irrissa's World
Fairy, Animated, Divas, and much more!
Jaime's Dolls
I handdraw all of my dolls which are divided into catergories: girls, guys, fantasy, characters...etc. And I also have monthly contests where visitors can vote!
preps, faery, divas, bratts, fantasy, mermaids, pixies, adoptions, wonderkinz
Kari's Kiss
Divas -Silents -Tinies -"Regular" -Miscellaneous -Goth -Faery -Punk -Prep -Hippy -Historical -Formal -Casual
Kari Hoisington
Lady Shanae's Realm
My dollz! I use the many bases found around the web and create dollz from them! Come on over and have a look!
Laura Kat's Dollz
Couples, Custom Made, Groups, Minis, Silents, Preps, Wonderkins, Hand Drawn
Laura Kat
Lil' Princess Dollz
Original dolls for adoption, requests taken, tutorials, clubs, cliques, web design and graphics. So much more. It has all your doll needs.
Mandi's Realm
Josie's Bases,Xandorra's Bases,celebrities,random..etc! :)
Marrionettes Secret
Goth, Celebrity, Diva, normal
Mary's Cartoon Dollz
I have doll showcases in all different categories (i.e. red heads, brunettes, blondes, colored haired, thugs, fairies, black haired, my dollz, groups, my newest dollz, and my favorite dollz. I also have a mini doll maker, pix of my friends,and tons of sailor moon pictures. I also posted up some of my favorite sites having to do with dollz! And pleeeeze sign my guestbook! Thanx ~Mary~
Marilu Reyna
The Mary's Dollz
normal, faerie, mermaid
The Mary
Melody Moons Dollz
feary, casual, formal
Missy's Minatures
My site has dolls I made, adoptions, and a lot more I'm always adding to my site so it doesn't get boring so have fun and check it out!
Moulin Rouge
Moulin Rouge has a wide variety of dolls, ranging from everyday preps to miiris!
Over The Moon Dolls
A new site with nice dolls to look at (& adopt),
Paige's Dolls
Showcase of beautiful and original dolls.
There are many many dollz there, including Naughty dollz (ages 18 and older).
Ashlyn Taylor
Phantasm Creations
preps, slims, minnis, manga, mirri, casuals, formal, fantasy, Harry Potter characters, Lord of the Rings characters, dressy,
Phriday Studios
I have anime dolls, regular dolls, animated, etc.
Pink Passion
I have preps, minis, divas, hotties, tinies, and many different types of dolls
My hand drawn dolls, site of the month, adoptions, contests, links and more.
Princess by Dawn
A small but growing assortment of dolls are displayed here. There is no particular rhyme or reason to my dolls, just whatever suits my fantasy and the moment.
Sammy's World
Dolls i have made,I have some base. Going to be adding more soon.
See Unique Dollz
Simple dollz showcase, still expanding. Nothing more, nothing less.
Siamese Kitten's Doll House
Silly Janine's Showcase
A showcase of dolls that have been made with my bases. Lots of talented people participate and send in their dolls.
Simply Loz
Just a page full of dolls drawn by me
Some Assembly Required
This is a site dedicated to cartoon dolls. I will also be having a Monthly Doll contest from now on as well... There are very original and beautiful dollz on my site... Check it out...
Stephanie's DollZ
Fairy, Diva ,Elf , Slims , Pikat
My Doll and graphics site with tutorials, bases, my own dolls and plenty other downloads like desktop wallpaper and icon sets.
Tiger's Lair
This is my fanastic dollsite. This site is basically to show my love for Dolls. Please stop by:)
The Toy Box
Hurrah! This sit eis very pink and is updated every few days with more dolls. There are doll contests etc and it is fabbity-fab, go see! ^_^
Casual, Formal, Fantasy, Radeisha, Characters, Divas, Punk, Misc, Self-Portraits and Request-a-doll.
Vanilla's Dolls
Site about the dolls I have created, quite much dolls already, and more to come :)
Valentine May
all sorts, including, Goth, Fantasy, Casual Celeb, etc