If you don't know how to make your own doll, just visit one of these dollmakers. They have the drag and drop feature where you can put your own doll together in different fashions. Please don't just take the doll; read and abide the webmaster's terms of use.

Total Links: 22

Animate My World
drag'n'drop ... I offer prep drag-n-drop *special - set up to make easy animations with* Includes all props from animation examples ... props
Badkittie Dolls
Prep, guy, couple, goth, mini, silent dollmakers and more.
Katt Starr
black rainbow doll maker
a punk/goth dollmaker site
blue bubblegum
drag and drop ... for silents, faeries, goths, ... with props
bbg's webmistress
*Cartoon Dolls R Us* Doll Maker
pretty small doll maker for now.Just learned how to make one. Please check it out.
Cools Dolls
drag and drop ... for preps ... with props
Vicki Barnes
Devilish Dolls Minimaker
Two great mini makers. Enjoy!
Dollie Sister's
drag and drop ... for Lolly Graphic Maker,Lolly Pop Girls,Make a male Prep,Make a Prep Doll 2,African American Prep Maker,Silent Food Maker,Couple Doll Maker,::Male Doll Maker,Mommy Doll Maker,Make A Prep Id,Celebrities On stage Maker,Female Thug Maker,Male Thug Maker,Lil Onez Maker,Phat Baby's(Big Baby's)Maker,Make a desk Booth Doll Maker!,Make a Prep Doll,Cute Critter Graphic Maker,Female Diva's ... with props
Dollie Sister's
We have silent, prep, goth, mini, and thug dollmakers, plus more in the making.
Dollmaking the Wings of my Spirit Way
A dollmaker with a difference, the perfect half way solution for those wanting to move on to solouring and shading their own dolls but still not confident enough to draw them. This dollmaker has the original outfits plus black and white templates for people to try their hand at shading.
Dolls in the Mist
This site indexes tons of drag and drops as well as places to get basebodies and such things. Also hosts contests and is interactive!
Bronwyn George
Dollz 4 U
drag and drop ... for Preps ... with props
DragN Drop
drag and drop ... for Prep ... with props
Faithless And Line
Emma's Dollhouse
drag and drop ... for 33 various bases ... with props
Enchanted Dynasty Doll Makers
Doll Makers that are here are Goth, Guy, Mini, Prep, Silent and Wonderkin..
FreakyZoids.Net Dollmakers
a set of truely unique dollmakers! The first and totally original Harry Potter Silent Maker, the first Fantasy Silent maker [including centaur, mermaid, naga and werewolf parts!], and 3 rainbow makers! [a fairy maker, a mini maker and another silent maker]. So come and enjoy the dollmakers!
HotPink Lullaby Wonderkin Maker
A doll maker for Wonderkins
An awesome site with one of the biggest doll makers!
Icee Cartoon Dolls
drag'n'drop ... for Preps, silents coming soon. ... with props
Kindeal's Spirit DollMakers
silents, kiss dolls, preps, wonderkins
Ruby Weapon
Punk preps, in two skin tones. With props.
Teenie Drag and Drop
A dollmaker for making t he straight-legged minis (teenies). Includes lots of wings and things. ^_^
Bronwyn George
The Sweetness Drag and Drop
Preps, heads, tops, bottoms, soon to be outfits and accessories
.://TigerPawz Dollz\\:.
Dollz Dollz Dollz
Lisa Steel