For those of you who want to create your own dolls but aren't sure where to start, these sites offer bases. Doll bases are basicaly blank bodies where you can add your own hair, eyes and clothes. Different sizes, types, skin colours and positions are offered. Please don't just take the bases; read the webmasters term of use before using.

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Ami's Doll House
prep ... some light and some medium skin tones
Amulet Souls Bases
Original bases and some edits from the free bases page and Much more
Amulet Soul
Ange's Creations
multi colored, preps, diva, large, different ... light, medium, dark, number of different shades, bright colors, multi colored skin tones
Animate My World
prep & real size prep ... make all bases in Light, Medium and Dark skin tones
Beyond Imagination
Currently I have mostly prep-sized bases, but more will be added. ... Right now they are only in light, but i'm working on other skin tones.
Beyond Pink Bases
I have some bases, including MALE bases, and a baby base. Always adding some more.
L i l l i
bondchickz bases
bondchickz has a huge array of dollz, etc, and is home to many base bodies - including the original xeni and kimba bases!
Bronnie's Basebodies
Original bases, featuring ballerinas!
Bronwyn George
Cathie's Crazie Creations
My bases include some minis, a few prep sized, larger, as well as my new Penny bases. ... My bases are in a number of diffrent shades and I don't mind if you want to recolor them for your vision.
Crazie Cathie
Cat's Meow
I have prep-sized bases. I'll be making more soon. At the moment I have 3 but I'm going to add tinys. Maybe some "unique" bases. =) ... I'm going to recolor my bases soon. At the moment 1 base has light, dark, and blank skin tones
Clarissa's Place
I have 12 regular size girl bases right now. More to come! ... I have all of them available in 4 or 5 different skin tones
Dainty Delights
I have dolls, props, bases and more
Daisy's Bases
I love making doll bases! I have a TON to choose from and more or being added all the time. Available in multiple skin tones.
Destany's Fantasy
3D Bases in variety of sizes and shapes ... 3-4 shades from pale to ethnic skin tones
Dollie Sister's
All kind's ... All kind's skin tones
Dollie Sister's
Dolls by a WEbPixie
BBW Prep sized and other misc bases ... all are avalible in atleast 5diffrent skin tones
DollTowne U.S.A
My site contains original hand drawn dolls. I have edits as well as dolls links and some bases & extra's can be found at Dolltowne as well..
Dollz by Lush
Regular bases guess you could call them prep sized and templates for wings. ... 3 shades offered medium, light, and dark
Lorisha aka Lush
~ The Dollz Dynasty Bases ~
Lots of bases here. Currently featuring Barbee bases, Qooty bases and regular human bases.
DJ Doll
Dream in Pixels
hand drawn, originals ... medium to light shades skin tones
Madd Witch
Elysian Woods Base Bodies
I have 3 prep style bases so far. I aslo have a small selection of Diva Stars.
fab dollz n stuff - bases
I have loads of bases over 20 so far all different shapes and sizes and genre, come and look see and have some fun creating new dollz with them
Fairy Dollz Bases
I have 10 bases currently and am always adding more. I also offer a palette to recolor them with.
Marni (Dwynwen)
Glen Valeiren
divas, plus bases, large bases, 1 smaller base ... All in light skin except my diva base. Diva base in 5 skin tones.
Head First Productions' Bases
Male and female prep-sized base bodies for your enjoyment.
Evil Spice©
Jen's Doll's
Hand made bases
I have "realistic" type bases. They are a little larger than normal dolls. ... Each doll comes in one skin tone, but the dolls have different skin tones.
We've got regular prep bases, Qooties, Barbees, Tallees and Snugz ... Out bases come in light, medium and dark skin tones and you may recolour them.
Lil' Pig's Dollz
A couple prep sized, lots of larger bases, but they are very detailed, so if you get offended easily, please do not enter the base area.... they are more detailed then the typical doll base:) what skintones: Only one right now, but you may change the skin tones yourselves:)
Lil' Princess Dollz
Original dolls for adoption, requests taken, tutorials, clubs, cliques, web design and graphics. So much more. It has all your doll needs
Line's dollz
I have regular bases, and animal bases! New bases added frequently ... Light skin only, feel free to change color
Magenta's Doll Bases
Magenta's Doll Bases A big variety.
Miseryhood's Dollz
All of my bases are an anime style. ... All of them are light toned, but anyone is free to change the tones themselves.
Nellz Bases
Collection of base bodies, 4 different colors, many different poses.
NiteFlower Dolls
prep-sized, larger sized, cartoonies. ... light, medium, dark, white/blank skin tones
Sassy'z Dollz
Original basebodies drawn by me, new bases added frequently!
Siamese Kitten's Doll House
prep-sized ... light, medium-light skin tones
Silly Janine's Bases
There are 6 pages of bases. Girl bases, guy bases, and Emby Quinn style diva bases.
Sisters of the Purple Garden
ladies,minis,males,faeries,angels,animals,children,mermaids ... light,medium and dark skin tones
Diva/Cartooney-ish, Prep, tiny ... Some are light, some are dark skin tones
Thalea bases
Free for use bases. Do with them whatever you like, edit, change, dress etc. link back appreciated, but not necessary
I have prep-sized and radeisha bases ... I have only light, but I am working on other skintones!
Vanilla Road
Prep-sized. All shades.
Prep size with a few anime added in ... light , dark with a palette included to change skin tones
Wings of My spirit Cartoon Doll Body blanks
Bases include, normal size, extra large, chubbies, and mini's special extra bases availabel are a car, a unicorn, a centaur
Wizard dolls
i have 10 female bases on my webpage! all ways making more!
lady evil(ami)
Zack's Chibi bases
mini chibi bases+Earzie bases
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