Welcome to the competition for Miss Ontario. The lovely ladies will be unveiled the day of the competition. For now, you can read ther lovely bios and learn more about them. Please read them all fairly so you can help judge for Miss Congeniality!

Kate Eden
Kate Eden is a lady that has a broad range of interests. Some people may consider Kate to be a dreamer, but she always manages to include variety and new experiences into her life. Kate has a very positive outlook on life, and people can usually count on her. Kate is a genuine and honest person that strives to help others.
Colleen Marie Steckle
Colleen is a bright, cheery young girl with a fierce pride in her country. She spends most of her time helping out in the community and working with children. She enjoys doing this because she feels she is helping mold the rulers of tomorrow. Besides volunteering, Collen likes to be outdoors in a quiet place where she can read a book. For the pageant, she has chosen four of her favorite pieces of clothing. First, she is clad in the satin pajamas she made herself. "When I saw the fabric in the store, I just had to make these!" she says. Next, she is wearing a typical casual, yet sexy ensemble. Stretch denim capris paired with a burgundy top complement both her figure and her hair color. Next, Colleen wears her favorite bathing suit, A boy-cut tankini that accentuates her curves and looks great on the beach. Finally, Colleen wears the dress she designed and then made for herself. THe bodice is sequined silk, and don't let it fool you, colleen sewed every sequin on herself. The skirt is also silk, cut to flow and swish when she walks. Colleen has worn the dress only once, and is thrilled to have another chance!