Welcome to the competition for Miss Alberta. The lovely ladies will be unveiled the day of the competition. For now, you can read ther lovely bios and learn more about them. Please read them all fairly so you can help judge for Miss Congeniality!

Kelly Winters
Kelly is an ambitious 22 year old that works as doctor's aid at the surgical sector of the children's hospital she works at. She really loves kids and "couldn't live a day without one" she would say cheerfully, and she loves her job because of that. She grew up in a small agricultural town outside of Red Deer. She always dreamed to be a doctor so she would be able to possibly save a person's live. She is also taking University courses, after her busy days of work, in the evening so she would hopefully one day accomplish her dream. Kelly also loves to visit the Calgary Stampede every single summer with her family and friends, to watch the immense parade, and to cheer on her older brother in the Rodeo.

Kelly is wearing her absolute favorite top that her boyfriend bought for her, with her worn down jean capris and her lovely cherry flip flops. For her formal wear she's wearing a beautiful flowing lavender gown, and for her beach wear a simple black bikini with orange and yellow tinted prints, with a matching wrap-around to go with it. Also she's sporting her baby pink 'I love Julius' Paul Frank PJs, that she wears to bed every single night!
Janay Jaspen
Hi my name is Janay and I am representing Alberta. I am 19 years old and am currently am working towards a degree in early childhood development. One day I hope to be an elementary school teacher. In my spare time I love to sew. And everything I am wearing today was designed by me. Thank you for having me here today and good luck everyone!
Alloren Stait
Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Alloren Stait grew up as a typical all-canadian girl. At 20 years old, she's now halfway through university earning a Nursing degree. Alloren is a big sports fan - she skis in the Rockies every winter and swims competitively throughout the year. She grew up watching hockey on t.v. with her family - her favourite team has always been the Edmonton Oilers. For her casual outfit, Alloren wears an official Oilers jersey. She chose her swimsuit's blue and white colours, her formal gown's red and coppers, and her pajamas red and white to tie together the colours on her Oilers jersey.
Casey is 16 and enjoys to go shopping and hang out with her friends! She likes to listen to music and loves to go dancing and go to parties. She can iceskate and has been since she was 8 she also plays hockey in her school team. She wears : Swim suit-Crystal Reef maroon crop top and boy shorts Formal dress- Celias formal dresses peral gown PJ's-Dust bunny PJ's Casual-Supreme blue glitter top and belt and Livewire light denum skirt